HighTech Startbahn

 growth as a service for european high-tech companies

Jörg Schüler

CEO, HighTech Startbahn

Every high-tech company needs three things to succeed: customers, talent and capital. We at HighTech Startbahn support young deep tech companies with business development and -expansion and help to master the venture journey. We see about 500 young deep-tech companies every year — nearly 10% of these start-ups and scale-ups we support with our operational approach and our network.

straight focus on
Environmental & Energy Technologies, ICT, Micro & Nanotechnologies, Life Sciences, Machinery & Plant Engineering, Material Sciences, Transport & Logistics
strong industrial
to corporates and SMEs in Europe
solid network of
 business angels, family offices, VC and PE investors, lenders and funding instruments in the high technology industry
tech know-how
& network
through management of research projects
deep industry
through corporate services


Focus on high-tech venture companies. 

We offer access to Germany’s largest union for venture companies. As an association, we actively connect young companies with investors, mentors, industrial companies and research partners. In addition to customised events, we support start-ups and growth companies through individual networking with potential partners and international multipliers. 

Venture Services

Operational support from the foundation to the exit.

We know what it takes to start and grow a business in the high-tech and B2B environment. We thereby use our experience out of 30 projects per year to collaborate with future market leaders daily.

Corporate Services

Access to start-ups and technologies

We find suitable start-ups and technologies. Our customers: corporations and SMEs. Our focus: high tech, hardware, B2B.

Research and Technology Transfer

Your contact for knowledge and technology transfer. Project initiation, project management and successful transfer.

Innovation means that knowledge and technology from science successfully enters the market. Through experience and well-founded know-how from numerous projects, we support research clusters and projects on their way and advise them on setting the framework. 

Human Resources

it's peoples business

Die HighTech Startbahn unterstützt Unternehmen europaweit beim Headhunting-, Recruiting- und
Bei der gezielten Suche von Executives und auch bei der Rekrutierung von Fachkräften agieren wir mit einer klaren Fokussierung auf Branchen, in denen wir jahrelange Expertise sowie tragfähige Netzwerke und Beziehungen vorweisen können.