HighTech Startbahn

With our specific know-how, many years of expertise and our contacts, we support start-ups, especially in the phase after the company was founded, on their way to a successful company.

Marcel Berndt

Account Manager

As an account manager, I am observing the progressive developments of our start-ups and growth companies on a daily basis. Due to the close contact to these partners, it is a special concern of mine to advise and support them on their way to succeed in the best possible way. What’s important to me is mutual exchange and trustworthy communication. 


From the future I expect… 

To continue to be a part of the start-up ecosystem in order to gain exciting insights into different markets and innovative technologies. 

I get up in the morning because…

the way to work in the fresh air on the bike is calling. 


Romy brate

Senior Eventmanger

Having grown up in a suburb of Dresden, I already had a taste for some corners of the world at a young age. I am very enthusiastic about bringing people to common places! As event manager of the HighTech Startbahn it is my job to create events that will be long remembered . By planning, organizing and implementing various event formats I create spaces for dialogues in which visions, ideas, experiences and know-how are shared between the stakeholders.  


When I was little…

I had the dream of sweeping the Olympic floor as a handball player.

My first job was…

to serve drinks and snacks to the guests in a Dresden Shisha bar and to get the “business” going.


Dr. Norman Gerstner

Senior Relationship Manager (interim)

Norman is a mediator between two worlds that seem diametrical but can achieve great things in synergy. The cooperation between startups and SMEs is one of the most promising ways to establish forward-looking innovations in the market and society. For this, Norman brings together the right partner from these two worlds and supports them significantly in the field of innovation management.

From the future I expect… 

More people who actively participate in shaping our future. With today’s opportunities, we can build a world of health, well-being and sustainability.g because….  

I get up in the morning because…

Shaping the future here and now is really fun and fulfilling!

Silvia Grätz

Ecosystem Development & Strategic Partnerships

On board since 2012 Silvia has been responsible for internationalisation and strategic partnerships. As part of her work at HighTech Startbahn, she also represents the interests of local start-ups and SMEs at the Smart Systems Hub. Through her intensive research on successful European innovation ecosystems she has built a broad network of transfer participants which she applies to her work.

Working for the “HighTech Startbahn” means… 

I have the opportunity to accompany new, exciting innovations to success in a young and committed team every day.  

I get up in the morning because…

well, who falls asleep, has to get up again.

Eik Lämmerhirt

Head of venture Services

Eik is a sparring partner in communication with early stage investors as well as in the structuring of fundraising processes. He is also an expert in equity-conserving financing strategies involving debt capital, funding opportunities and strategic partnerships. He has managed more than 25 projects in the Sections: Energy, Semicon, Life Science, Production Technologies, New Materials and Mobility sectors. 

Working for the “HighTech Startbahn” means… 

to wear flip-flops during the summer. 

My first job was… 

was a bottle sorter at the supermarket. My first (unpaid) job was roadie for punk bands. 

Jan Leuschel

student associate Research

From the Lüneburger Heide on a detour across the Pacific to Dresden. In the course of my industrial engineering and management study so far the focus is sustainable economy and technologies in energy and transport, it follows my desire to bring about change in these areas. The exciting work at the HighTech Startbahn offers exactly the right insights and lots of concentrated know-how.

Working for the “HighTech Startbahn” means… 

to learn a lot now and appling it later in life- that and, working with staggeringly colleagues

I get up in the morning because… 

Nobody else will do it for me- Every day there are new opportunities to learn and to grow!

Mareen Löser

Design & Media

Born in Dresden, she is a trained graphic designer with a background in media and communication. Her great passion for design and aesthetics is clearly reflected in her work. Since 2018 she has been working in the field of media & design for the HighTech Startbahn.

When I was little… 
I wanted to be a singer. 

From the future I expect… 
to learn how to sing. 

Anastasia Molkanow


Having grown up in the Siberian metropolis of Novosibirsk, at the age of 12 I moved to the most eastern city in Germany, Görlitz the city of culture. In this new hometownin order I grew up to be a cosmopolitan person. In the course of my studies of art history I have learned to appreciate Dresden as a perfect combination of a small and big city with the consequence to feel now home here.

From the future I expect… 

exciting challenges that make me grow personally. 

I get up in the morning because…

every day is unique and full of surprises that you don’t get to experience when you stay in bed. 

Jörg Schüler

Member of the Board

Born in 1974, Jörg today is the father of two boys, managing director, business angel, technology enthusiast and B2B sales professional. He has more than 10 years of international experience in team management, budget responsibility and customer acquisition (Japan, Europe, USA, Singapore/Malaysia). Roles in his career: science, support, technical sales, development management, product management, sales, sales management, management, consulting and interim management.

When I was little, I wanted to… 

become a cosmonaut. Later I switched to an astronaut. 

I get up in the morning because… 

I can hardly wait to wring down the problems of the previous day with the ideas of the night. Oh well, and the children also have to go to school. 

Working for the “HighTech Startbahn” means… 

exchanging  ideas with many exciting people, get to know new innovative technologies and business fields and help shaping the future. 

Thomas Schulz

Head of Operations

Thomas has been responsible for the activities of the HighTech Startbahn Netzwerk e.V. since 2011. He is responsible for commercial and strategic matters and for the association’s partnerships. Moreover he is in charge of the development of new event formats and has always an open ear for founders. Before his time at the HTSB he was founder, entrepreneur, consultant and mentor.

I get up in the morning because…  

there is a lot to do to make the HTSB e.V. the leading association for high-tech startups in Europe. 

Jan Stübner

Associate Venture Services

As the first contact person at the high-tech runway, he is responsible for supporting innovative startups in business modelling, sales and investment readiness. He also has professional experience as a founder and consultant in international sales and business development (e.g. in Brazil and Spain) and has accompanied several projects in the sectors of technology such as mobility, energy and life science.

From the future I expect… 

I expect that innovative technologies will revolutionize our everyday lives.

I get up in the morning because…  

I find it exciting to accompany our startups in their successful development.


Alexander Tietze

head of
Corporate Services

As a contact for corporates and investors, Alex is always on the hunt for suitable technologies and startups. He is also responsible for scoutings and the HIGHTECH VENTURE DAYS partner program. His customer base ranges from regional medium-sized companies to DAX corporations and family offices in the Far East.

When I was little … 
I wanted to be Head of Corporates Services. It totally worked out. 

Annemarie Weder

Corporate Services

The wire to the startups. The research of and communication with the appropriate targets for scoutings and the HIGHTECH VENTURE DAYS is her responsibility. As the head of the startup and technology database, she is also in charge of the internationalisation of the HIGHTECH VENTURE DAYS.

Working for the HighTech Startbahn means… 

to learn constantly, to discover new things and to be surprised again and again by what is possible. 

I get up in the morning because….  

that’s what you do. The thought of coffee helps. 


Lennart Vetter

student associate Operations

Even though I am only in the second semester of my study of industrial engineering, I already realized that you have to apply study content as early as possible in order to gain important work experience. That’s why I’m working for the HighTech Startbahn and supporting them as a junior analyst on new projects

From the future I expect… 

Actually nothing. Rather, I expect from myself that I will continue to develop myself both professionally and personally in the future.

I get up in the morning because….  
… there is something to do every day.

Thomas Welsch

Senior Project Manager

Quickly and without any great effort? — Not a good idea. Successful projects need a solid basis for planning and conscientious implementation. More than ten years of experience in project, process and organization management allow me to never lose focus. Even in stormy times I can successfully realize your ideas and tasks.

From the future I expect… 

exciting and always new challenges. 

I get up in the morning because….  
why shouldn’t I? 

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