HighTech Startbahn

With our specific know-how, many years of expertise and our contacts, we support start-ups, especially in the phase after the company was founded, on their way to a successful company.

Marcel Berndt

Advisor BizDev & Sales

As Advisor BizDev & Sales, I am observing the progressive developments of our start-ups and growth companies on a daily basis. Due to the close contact to these partners, it is a special concern of mine to advise and support them on their way to succeed in the best possible way. What’s important to me is mutual exchange and trustworthy communication. 


From the future I expect… 

To continue to be a part of the start-up ecosystem in order to gain exciting insights into different markets and innovative technologies. 

I get up in the morning because…

the way to work in the fresh air on the bike is calling. 


John Erkelens

Senior Principal Advisor

Over 30 years international C-level experience in working in the consulting area, across various markets in Industry , with a strong network and interest in Semiconductor, Hydrogene and Recycle market, . Investment Relationship , connecting corporates, start-ups & entrepreneurs looking for the right valuation of their businesses to attract investors for raising capital. Connecting Knowledge, introducing parties to decisionmakers in Industry & Investors to improve provability , retain and branding and achieve funding. Board Advisory including Assessments, Screening,Valuation, Risk Mitigation, cross-cultural challenges and strategy .

My Dream… 

A world where we judge each other with respect for difference of opinions. After all finding Kompromises is better than fighting wars where there are only losers.  


To work with StartUps …

Gives me personally the chance to repay my debt to my mentor without whom I would never had made my career. Coaching and Mentoring, transferring knowledge never bore me, it stimulates 

Sophia Glas

Junior Event Manager

I am in the final stages of my event and tourism management studies and would now like to apply the theoretical knowledge I have gained in recent years in practice. Since it was not possible to gain practical knowledge for a long time due to Corona, I am now even more looking forward to organise new, interesting business events together with the Hightech Startbahn team. I’m also looking forward to helping at events live on site and accompanying the construct that was previously built up theoretically over weeks and months in our office.

I get up in the morning because…

 staying in bed becomes too boring at some point.

My first job was…

being a waitress!

Joanna Izdebski

Senior Advisor Investor Relations

Joanna Izdebski’s impressive management career spans over 30 years, with a focus on start-up and early stage consulting, international networking, and venture capital. As a recognized mentor in the prestigious MIT Sandbox program, Joanna is deeply committed to helping firms grow. Her strategic guidance, extensive experience, and influential presence in these ecosystems have earned her a reputation as a trusted advisor and a driving force behind business success.

Hanna Klippstein

support startup scouting

In addition to my studies in Renewable Energy Systems, I support the HTSB Industries unit in its scouting activities through research activities. In this way, I recognize the theory of my studies in the latest technologies of the start-ups.

I get up in the morning because….

…a little 10 km run in the morning rarely hurts and my muesli tastes so delicious

Working for HTSB means…

…getting to know lots of new technologies and sometimes getting lost in their descriptions.


Ronny Kürschner

Senior Event manager

As a senior event manager, Ronny focuses on the conception and implementation of multi-sensual experiences, with the goal that recipients positively associate the experience with a brand. Working in the MICE industry for more than 15 years, he has extensive skills and knowledge in event conception & implementation as well as technical background as a media technician in an international environment.

When I was little …

I wanted to be a pilot – to make experiences possible. Today, I do that on the ground – as a Senior Event Manager. 

I get up in the morning because …

I’m constantly driven by new event ideas and am determined to make them happen. 

Mareen Rösch

Graphic Design

Born in Dresden, she is a trained graphic designer with a background in media and communication. Her great passion for design and aesthetics is clearly reflected in her work. Since 2018 she has been working in the field of media & design for the HighTech Startbahn.

When I was little… 
I wanted to be a singer. 

From the future I expect… 
to learn how to sing. 

Jörg Schüler

Member of the Board

Born in 1974, Jörg today is the father of two boys, managing director, business angel, technology enthusiast and B2B sales professional. He has more than 10 years of international experience in team management, budget responsibility and customer acquisition (Japan, Europe, USA, Singapore/Malaysia). Roles in his career: science, support, technical sales, development management, product management, sales, sales management, management, consulting and interim management.

When I was little, I wanted to… 

become a cosmonaut. Later I switched to an astronaut. 

I get up in the morning because… 

I can hardly wait to wring down the problems of the previous day with the ideas of the night. Oh well, and the children also have to go to school. 

Working for the “HighTech Startbahn” means… 

exchanging  ideas with many exciting people, get to know new innovative technologies and business fields and help shaping the future. 

Thomas Schulz

Head of Operations

Thomas has been responsible for the activities of the HighTech Startbahn Netzwerk e.V. since 2011. He is responsible for commercial and strategic matters and for the association’s partnerships. Moreover he is in charge of the development of new event formats and has always an open ear for founders. Before his time at the HTSB he was founder, entrepreneur, consultant and mentor.

I get up in the morning because…  

there is a lot to do to make the HTSB e.V. the leading association for high-tech startups in Europe. 

Alexander Tietze

head of
HTSB Industries

As a contact for corporates and investors, Alex is always on the hunt for suitable technologies and startups. He is also responsible for scoutings and the HIGHTECH VENTURE DAYS partner program. His customer base ranges from regional medium-sized companies to DAX corporations and family offices in the Far East.

When I was little … 
I wanted to be Head of Corporates Services. It totally worked out. 

Annemarie Weder

senior key account manager

Paternity Leave

The wire to the startups. The research of and communication with the appropriate targets for scoutings and the HIGHTECH VENTURE DAYS is her responsibility. As the head of the startup and technology database, she is also in charge of the internationalisation of the HIGHTECH VENTURE DAYS.

Working for the HighTech Startbahn means… 

to learn constantly, to discover new things and to be surprised again and again by what is possible. 

I get up in the morning because….  

that’s what you do. The thought of coffee helps. 


Steve Weinbach

Marketing Student

I’m learning a lot of theoretical things about marketing in my studies in marketing management. But I would also like to get to know the practical side of this industry and gain experience right now. Therefore, the HighTech Startbahn is the perfect partner to support me in my studies. At the HTSB, I have the opportunity to come into contact with new and exciting start-ups every day and I am currently supporting them with all kinds of marketing tasks.

My first job was …

as a holiday worker in the warehouse of a press wholesaler, since then I’d rather work in an office

I get up in the morning because….  

the construction work in front of my house starts at 7 o’clock.


Wilhelm Wilker

student account manager

I’m just starting my economics study but I’m just not willing to hear theoretical stuff without any practical solutions based on real life situations. In my opinion economic isn’t static but a dynamic, changing and quickly processing landscape. Thanks to Hightech-Startbahn I’m able to experience this process up close and be a part of it.

What I’d like my future to be…

I expect my future to be a constant flow of new possibility’s, challenges and memories.

When I was young…

I always wanted to be a professional footballer playing in the champions league final.

Urla Zähr

Senior Key account manager

As a Senior Key Account Manager Urla Zähr works in our HTSB Industries Unit. She scouts Start-Ups for our industry clients, corporate partners and investors. The focus of these projects highly depends on the client’s needs and can be very flexible. Furthermore, Mrs. Zähr is highly involved in the planning and execution of our biggest event of the year: the Hightech Venture Days. Her expertise is used, to find the most promising Start-Ups in the high-tech field. She manages their applications, prepares them to pitch in front of investors and ultimately enables them, to find the funding they need to grow and further their ideas.

When I was little, I wanted to be a …

… princess or a doctor.

Working for the HTSB means …

… to actively shape the future by promoting outstanding ideas and working with an inspiring team.