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At HTVD, we bring 40 European startups together with 180 international VCs and corporates. The focus is on B2B and patent-based technologies. 

What started as an regional format in 2013 is now the hidden champion among all matching formats across Europe. In an highly exclusive setting, startups meet customers and investors.  Corporates use HTVD to get access to new technologies and position themselves as innovation drivers. VCs find investment opportunities as well as LPs and clients for their portfolio companies

Once a year Hellerau runs out of parking spaces. When we invite regional tech companies to the Innovationswerkstatt  everybody gathers in the Riemerschid room in the buildings of the Deutsche Werkstätten Hellerau. Since February of 2012 we bring together start-ups and SMEs at this event and pick up cross-cutting issues – e.g. technical sales, personnel recruitment and retention, or product design.

There are some topics and questions out there young entrepreneurs would like experienced people to give advice on. Due to the positive development of our association many established entrepreneurs approached us to get involved in the regional start-up ecosystem.

Members Scope is the new format of the HighTech Startbahn Netzwerks e.V.  The format allows the informal exchange within the network on a thematic plattform. Association members can ask technical or non-technical focused questions which will be discussed with interested network members.

Supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, the goal of this 2-year program is to establish new business relationships between high-tech startups from all over Europe and German SMEs. As part of the program, we will purposefully link and introduce startups from all over Europe to German SMEs to facilitate access to innovation and the market entry in Germany. 

The Dresden Robotics Festival brings together 300+ pioneers of the robotics community from Germany and around the world. We set ourselves apart by connecting industry and robotics executives with leading researchers and startups that work on robotics solutions, that will disrupt not only the shopfloor but our everyday lives.


Events as a Service

We support you with experience and know-how from idea to the follow-up.

Conference | Conference | Continuing education | Fair | Demo Days | Pitch transfer events | Product presentations | press conferences


About us:

We offer access to one of the largest and most resilient German networks for young hightech companies. As an network the HTSB e.V. actively connetcs young companies with investors, mentors, industrial companies and partners from research throughout Europe. Our tailor-made events support startups and growth companies through individual nmatchmaking with potential partners and international multipliers.

We stand for innovation and use our know-how and network in the field of technology to offer an end-to-end event solution that meets the requirements of virtual and hybrid events, participant management, design, mobile matchmaking as well as speaker and participant sourcing.

On this basis, we offer an all-round carefree package for YOUR tailor-made event in the B2B sector on which bases creative approaches combined with our deep understanding of the content become an unforgettable, successful event.


Robotics Festival

Client: Robot Valley
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40 Startups x 180 Investors
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TA - Konferenz

Client: TransferAllianz
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Science Match

Client: State Chancellery of Saxony

Summer Festival Prague

Client: Verbindungsbüro -
State of Saxony


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fast @ Hannover Messe

Client: TU Dresden
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The CxO Dinner is an exclusive and prestigious event that brings together top executives, industry leaders and entrepreneurs from the high tech space. It serves as a platform to network, share knowledge and foster collaboration among key players in the tech and startup ecosystem.
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About us:

analysis & development

Target group specific event conception
Strategic Planning
Format Development
Process Optimization
Goal Definition and Success Measurement

planning & implementation

Operational and strategy project management
Planning and realization Tasks
Temporary Project Management
Contract Negotiations
Process Direction
VIP and artist support
Budget Planning, Controlling and Monitoring
Feedback and Key Figure Evaluation

Accompany & support

Process Screening
Tool evaluation and Training
Project Monitoring
Backup Project Management
Moderation of Kickoffs, Briefings, Project and Crisis Meetings
Accompaniment and Support
Event Managers or Project Teams


Vector-based illustrations & Animations
Image Edits
Social Media
CI, CD creation
Printed Media and Exhibition Design
Promotional Items
Management Plan
Recording & Streaming
Video Editing

"The preparation of the virtual fair was very good, all steps were in time! Also the Service was very good, because you received very quickly an answer"
- Ardian Iljazi; Wizata SE
“The Robotics Festival is going to be a must see event in the years to come for all the robotics community- Congratulations and well done to the organizers, it’s a top event already!”
-Olag Gehrels; coboworx GmbH
“HTVD is the best event in Europe for hightech companies looking for funding. The quality and diversity of the investors is great. The way the event is set up makes it easy to connect.”
- Rory Deen ; IMSystems


We live Sustainability out of responsibility

For us sustainability is no Buzzword. Since 2018, we have been committed to environmental and social sustainability.

We support you

As part of our Event as a Service activities, we begin with a kick-off workshop to address all event and planning-related issues and work with you to develop, among other things, a sustainability concept for your event.



  • Reduce traffic-related environmental pollution
  • Compensate for travel activities that cannot be avoided


  • Examination of alternatives (virtual or telephone conferences)
  • Principle of “short distances” – use of public transport, provision of bicycles, emission-free shuttle vehicles


  • pay attention to the greatest possible environmental compatibility also for side events


  • we prefer Locations with locations sustainability aspects (EMAS or European Eco-label)
  • Arrival & Departure
  • Equipment
  • Short distances
  • Validate Sustainabilitycertificates for hotels and accommodations

We  choose hotels and congress centers with sustainabilitysystems. They should be validated and registred according to EMAS. Hotels which fulfill ecological criteria can be labeled with the EU-Ecolabel. This or equivalent labeling, as well as equivalent management systems, may be considered in the selection process.

  • Goals

    • contain energy consumption
    • Increase energy efficiency
    • Reduce / avoid greenhouse gas emissions


  • Measures

    • We do not heat above 20 degrees / we do not cool more than 6 degrees below outdoor temperature
    • Purchase electricity from renewable sources
    • Use IT equipment with “Blue Angel” certification


  • Goals

    • Avoidance of substances and waste that are harmful to the environment and health
    • Reuse of the components used
    • Protection of the soil



    • Research alternative locations without the need for temporary structures
    • Use recyclable transport packaging and building materials
    • Ensure separate waste disposal
    • Store or rent essential building components for reuse
    • Goals

      • Include sustainability aspects in all procurements
      • Stem “paper flood” where possible


    • Measures

      • Check demand for new purchases
      • Ensure that all products are certified (e.g. “Blue Angel”)
      • Reduce paper consumption (e.g., through digital invitation management)
      • Use cleaning agents sparingly
    • Protection of the soil



    • Research alternative locations without the need for temporary structures
    • Use recyclable transport packaging and building materials
    • Ensure separate waste disposal
    • Store or rent essential building components for reuse
    • Goals

      • Use products from organic agriculture
      • Provide Seasonal & fair, vegetarian & vegan food
      • Avoid food- and other waste



      • Use seasonal and environmentally friendly transported foods
      • Vegan/ vegetarian Catering and provide carafes with tap water
      • Use reusable dishes, cutlery and glasses / Distribute leftover food in leftover-boxes


    • Goals

      • Avoid or reduce waste
      • Waste seperation


    • Meassures

      • Use recycable packaging
      • Introduce return systems (e.g. name tags) / inform participants and suppliers about separating waste
    • Goals

      • conservation of water as a resource


    • Meassures

      • economical use of water, e.g. use of water-saving devices in kitchens and canteens.
      • Placing signs with information on water-saving devices in sanitary rooms to also address the awareness of the participants
      • Goals

        • Document und communicate the sucess of the taken meassures


      • Meassures

        • designate a contact person
        • Make participants aware of sustainability aspects of the event (e.g., via presentation areas during breaks)
        • Collect, evaluate and communicate data on the impact of the measures
      • Goals

        • Include needs of people with disabilities


      • Meassures

        • Barrier-free sending of invitations
        • Suitable seating and parking for persons in wheelchairs
      • Goals

        • Consider principles of gender mainstreaming in every planning phase
        • Ensure compatibility



        • Use gender-appropriate wording
        • Ensure gender balance among participants (presenters, moderators)
        • Offer child care

About us:

Thomas Schulz

head of operations

Ronny Kürschner

Senior event manager