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Scout and sparring partner for the industry 

We strengthen the competitiveness of SMEs and Corporates through access to startups and new technologies. Our starting point is always the customer: what is the status quo, what are the strategic goals, which target profile can be derived therefrom? On this basis, we identify suitable startups with relevant innovations (scouting). In addition, we support the initiation of cooperation and support our customers with recommendations for action and assessment of the start-ups. 





Since 2013, we have been organizing the HIGHTECH VENTURE DAYS and have become an institution for high-tech in Europe. Every year, incubators, research institutes and investors from more than 30 countries nominate their best startups to be part of the conference. From this deal flow, 40 startups are selected to present themselves to financial (Venture Capital, Family Offices) and strategic investors (Corporates, SMEs).

From these cooperations we have developed strong relationships with partners and startups from all over Europe. They are the fundament for our corporate services: We offer industrial companies access to startups and new technologies. Therefore we draw on the HIGHTECH VENTURE DAYS deal flow of the past years and on the other hand include our partners and networks into the identification process. Our focus are industry-related startups (B2B) with IP-technologies and real products (hardware).

To us, high-tech means:

Clean Air | Cleantech | Energy Efficency | Energy Storage | Power to Gas Hydropower | Renewable Technologies | Wind and Solar …
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Life Sciences
Analyzers | Diagnostics | Digital Health | Implants | Non-invasive Monitoring | Sensors...
Machinery and Plant Engineering
3D Printing, Robotics | Additive Manufacturing  | HMI | Industry 4.0 | IoT, Smart Manufacturing | | Predictive Maintenance ...
Material Sciences
Advanced Materials | Chemicals | Coating | Composites | Displays | Processing | Membranes | OLEDs | Polymers | Recycling...
ICt, Micro-& Nano Technologies
Big Data | Cybersecurity | IoT | Software | Tactile Internet | Lasers  5G | MEMs | Photonics | Sensors | Wafers...
Transport & Logistics
AGV | Alternative Drives | Autonomous Driving | Aviation | Drones | eMobility | Railway | Supplychain Management …


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When implemented correctlycooperation with startups contributes to increased competitiveness. As a scout and sparring partnerwe support SMEs and corporations in leveraging this potential

  • 10+ years of professional experience in PR, marketing and sales 
  • Interface between startups and corporates: finding the right startups for corporate clients
  • HIGHTECH VENTURE DAYS: Selection of startups, support of investors, partner management
  • Excerpt of career stations: Foerster & Thelen Marktforschung Feldservice GmbH, Saxon State Ministry of the Interior, AFW GmbH

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Alexander Tietze

Head of htsb industries