The HighTech Startbahn Netzwerk e.V. is the community for startups and young companies in the hightech environment in Europe.


Years of experience in the hightech venture environment
Corporates & Investoren within the HTSB community
European tech startups p.a.
Supreme events within startup & innovation environment
Transfer projects & cluster


You need support with project descriptions to motivate successful transfer, so that use cases can become business cases? Contact us.
From research to the enabling- is our DNA. We are allowed to define and carry out transfer measures in various research clusters and have thus also become "best practice in technology transfer" (BMBF).
You need support in planning your startup or the first round of financing? We provide contacts with more than 10 years of experience and a robust network of corporates and high-tech investors.
There are many things to consider when financing a young company. We are happy to answer initial questions and are at your side to help with words and deeds
Growth comes with many challenges. We have accompanied numerous companies through various growing pains and certainly have one or two tips up our sleeve.
When is the right moment to sell? What do you need to pay attention to? If these questions concern you, we are happy to help!

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Direct your inquiries to the HTSB network team. Whether it's a new office, a hot tip, or an entrepreneurial question. We support you actively!

Discounts at events

15-25% at HTSB Events & events of our partners

Access to the HTSB MentorsClub

Ask your strategic questions to experienced decision-makers from the industry.

access to hightech community

Meet startups, researchers, investors, industry representatives, medium-sized companies, mentors, public sector representatives, clusters & technology specialists

Sponsored post in newsletter

For non-members EUR 399 (15,000 recipients from the international high-tech start-up and investor environment)

Advocacy & Visibility

We represent your interests, inquiries from politics and the public sector.


netzwerk (at)

+49 351-418824811

If you don't really know what to do, need advice or...

  • Europewide Contact brokerage
  • Intervining and finetuning of startup ideas
  • Sparring partner for ideas and concepts
  • Project/Research partnerships
  • Tool recommendations



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Thomas Schulz Head of Operations & Network

Tel.: + 49 17662957027 |

The CxO Dinner is an exclusive and prestigious event that brings together top executives, industry leaders and entrepreneurs from the high tech space. It serves as a platform to network, share knowledge and foster collaboration among key players in the tech and startup ecosystem.
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Thomas Schulz

Network Manager

A company grows best by revenue. Entrepreneurship in high technology is B2B business and B2B business is peoples business!  I know this from my own experience and also how difficult it is to get the right contacts. That’s why we support entrepreneurs by actively and intrinsically connecting them with mentors, investors, industry partners and researchers from all over Europe in a way that suits them best.

  • 15+ years experience in B2B venture development (financing, scale-up, M&A) as founder, consultant, investor and mentor 
  •  Tech-freak
  • Leads the HighTech Startbahn Netzwerk e.V. and is the contact for topics such as:
    • Member management and networking of members 
    • Association topics, representation of interests, paper, statistics/publications 
    • fast-zwanzig20 
    • Own events & events as a service 
    • PR  
    • Financials & Admin: Accession, Fees, Accounting etc. 

The Board

Bettina Vossberg